We Hold These Truths
Police brutality in the US is a function of amazing *stupidity*. This whole Minnesota mess could have been prevented, and could be stopped now, by providing and training police with *stun weapons*. Every cop should be provided with at least two stun batons (medium range), four hand-stunners (close range) and six Tasers (long range) -- and trained with them until reaching for a stunner becomes a reliable reflex. This will prevent choke-hlds, neck-kneeing, too-free use of clubs and similar police tactics. It will also be useful against opportunistic rioters. Give the cops riot-helmets and shields too, and let them wade into the rioters stunning everybody in sight. When the streets are paved with snoring bodies, cuff them all and stuff them into the paddy-wagons. Let them wake up in holding cells, facing quick trials for assault, arson, and aiding-and-abetting the same. Give them all six months in medium-or-tighter security prisons, and they'll come out with a better sense of perspective. It will also be after the current crisis has calmed down, so they won't be able to whip up more crowds.