Some officers think they can do what they want to people and people will take it. I live in Polk County, Fl and they are some BAD OFFICERS here. One of them, Officer Walsh threaten to arrest me and take me to jail 3 times if I went back on my front porch and took another picture of a lcense plate on a women car that was helping my evicted tenents move. The tenants had trashed the apartment breaking doors, windows faucets and numerous other damageand if there was anymore damage, I wanted to know if the woman helped. I am almost 78 female and my husband was in a wheelchair. This happened in late Dec, 2017. Earlier that year, I was escouted out of my home, bc my daughter, who lived in the apartment at the time got mad and told them she lived here and I pointed a rifle at her. After that I got an order of protection. I didn't notice at the time, but the courts had spelled her first name wrong.. July 4, 2017 she got mad and said I pointed I confronted her outside , pointed my pistol at her and threatened to kill her. I had been inside playing on my pc ever since I got up and bc my husband had dementia., they wouldn't listen to him. Polk county Jail need to have some undercover go in thereand write a report. I was NOT READ MY MIRANDER RIGHTS AND NONE OF THE OFFICERS CHECKED MY COMPUTER!!! tHEY JUST TOOK HER WORD. There were 8 of us in a cell. 6 had bunk, 2 of us slept on deflated air mattresses. We could only flush the toilet once every 5 minutes. The food was awful. I lived on bread and jelly until I was bonded out. I was told by a very educated cell mate told me that this jail is the worst in Florida? The charges were finally dropped close to Christmas 2017, bc my daughter wouldn't co operate. Meantime I to call pretrial 3 times a week. How can Sheriff Grady Judd and his officers get by with this unless people are afraid to speak out? SENATORS PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THISAND THE PD OFFICE ALSO AND REGIONAL COUNSELBC THE ONE i HAD WASN'T WORTH 2 CENTS! I filed a motion with Judge Sites for adequate counsel, but it was denied bc I never heard anything. I THINK THIS WOULD BE A BEST SELLER, WHAT ABOUT YOU??