We Hold These Truths
I think the people who are being violent and destructive are greatly hurting the cause and making things difficult Mr Floyds family. One thing is for sure Mr Floyd himself would not have liked or wanted this. Peaceful protests would speak volumes about the black community in great ways. I think if anything you are hurting the Floyds and the majority of the black community. Have you all forgotten what was the initial thing was that started the protest.......justice for Floyd and the arrest of the police involved. Immediately The officer who killed Mr Floyd was arrested and everyone fired. Believe me those other cops will have charges just like anyone else who stands by and does nothing to stop the crime. Please dont continue breaking the law to get your goals met and hurting people who are losing their property and livelihoods who are not the people who deserve your wrath, Dont damage your cause for justice and rights for blacks and all races. Please stop the violence and destruction. You are embarrassing yourselves and defeating your purpose. Sherril Campbell Canada