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OBT: Can America recover its image as a country that represents equality and respects human rights?
by We Hold These Truths
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  • SamuelLudwick

    The Corporate Government in the White House have been Violating Human Rights for Decades. On all Races - All Law Abiding American Citizens. George Floyd was Just the Straw that Broke the Camels Back. My Grandfather Served the “NAVY” by Building “Cecil Field in Jacksonville, Florida, My Father and Uncle Served in World War 2 at “D-DAY”, my Uncles on my Mothers Side Served in “Korea”, My Brother Served the “NAVY” in Vietnam, and as a Contractor in Iraq. My Rights as a Citizen of the United States have been Violated for 22 Years for the Profit of the Military Industrial Complex. Even Though I am a Law Abiding Caucasian Male They Have been Attacking me for Decades with Electromagnetic Weapons as I suspect they are Doing to My Brothers in Christ who are Protesting. There is a Substantial Amount of Evidence of this being done to over 3 Million Americans, and tens of Millions Worldwide. The Entire World has Turned Against Washington D.C. / The Military Industrial Complex / "The Corporation" for Violations Way Beyond Rasicism but also Utilizing it's Own Citizens to Collect "Human DATA" through Technology for Profit, and to "Control" it's Population due to it Being "Paranoid" of it's own Citizens. I do Not Think America will Recover, I feel it is Too Late. The Military Industrial Complex, and it's Corporations run the Government. There is no Democracy, only a Totalitarian Oligarchy. The Media Just Broadcasts Smoke Screens for the Military Industrial Complex. See my Testimonies below to the International Tribunal of Natural Justice, and the Human Rights Global Coalition. Video Includes Statements, and Prophecies of Todays Events by Dwight D. Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy. PRAY for Our Nation, and Washington D.C. to Return to GOD. God Bless Everyone in these Distressing Times for our Nation. Samuel Ludwick Testimonies to Human Rights Organizations. Video at the Bottom of the Webpage.