We Hold These Truths
Donald Trump and his supporters have been attempting to suppress voters in whatever way they can to discourage or stop voting. Speaking against absentee ballots, DJT has openly said, "You'd never have a Republican elected in this country again.” He's also alleged that mail-in voting leads to fraud. He keeps putting up roadblocks for having people vote by mail, by paper ballot, etc. Voting machines can be hacked to undermine elections, and I don't believe anything has been done to protect them. Cyber warfare is the modern way to damage countries and create havoc. Prior to the 2016 election, Russian trolls were posing as Americans on social media giving false information, stirring dissension, etc. against Hilary Clinton; and 13 Russians were indicted by Special Counsel Bob Mueller for their interference. Voting is one of our rights and responsibilities, and it should be protected. Trump wants to be re-elected, and he has proven that he lies. He's not above cheating to get elected, not because of the work a president does, but because he likes the power and prestige of the office. Being Potus has kept him safe from being prosecuted, but there may be charges in NY for tax problems with his businesses, lying on bank loans, or even as an unindicted co-conspirator as Individual -1 in Michael Cohen's testimony. Since the economy for which he took credit has taken a huge hit, along with the numbers of unemployed people, his slow reaction to the Covid-19 and naming it a "hoax", the national protests occurring now, and Biden being 6 0r 7 points higher on polls, Trump may have doubts about winning the election. If so, I would anticipate more negative behavior, lies, and chaos to escalate as we approach the November 3 date.