I believe it is very important even necessary to re-strengthen our ties to the EU and Britain. We never should of gotten out of the any of the treaties and partnerships. I believe NATO is still a necessary organizations, some might argue even more so as Russian aggression and technical interference is plaguing the world. Trump, the businessman bragger, could get more countries to pay their fair share with diplomacy and business smarts...but then he really doesn’t have business smarts...he’s only run a family business not a multi-national corporation. He got his money from his corrupt father to start and has used the bankruptcy laws to line his pockets leaving tradesmen and consumers to carry his burden. As you can tell I am nor, and never have been a supporters. Why the US Senate and so many Americans support him, I have yet to understand. If he is elected again, Some in my family are planning to live the country...that’s how bad they feel about him. Yes, we need our European partners now more than ever. Please don’t desert us!