We Hold These Truths
Trump has undermined the alliances we have had with European countries and has repeatedly denigrated NATO. At the same time, he has touted his "bromance" with Kim Jong Un saying that Kim wrote him "a beautiful letter and then we fell in love". Prior to that he was insulting Kim as "Little Rocket Man"; but ultimately KIm became one of DJT's admired "strong men". DJT also sings high praises for Vladimir Putin, as well as Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, Xi Jinping of China, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, and MBS of Saudi Arabia. What all of these "strong men" have in common is their ruthless disregard for the lives of anyone who would dare to oppose or criticize them and their willingness to torture, poison, dismember, or other ways of killing their countrymen who dare to speak out against them. Trump unashamedly praises their strength and their control over their countries. DJT seems to curry favor with them, while he has shown disrespect to Chancellor Angela Merkel in a visit to the White House when he didn't shake hands with her or even look at her. When visiting Queen Elizabeth, he brushed past her and walked slightly ahead of her, apparently oblivious to protocol. He also rankled other Brits when he accused their spy agency of wire tapping him at President Obama's direction; he didn't offer them an apology or proof of the accusation. He also repeatedly criticized the Mayor of London and their police in their handling of the terrorist attack on a London subway station. He denigrated Paris and succeeded in insulting Francois Hollande, Macron's predecessor. Germany and the European Union were supportive of and dependent on the Iranian nuclear deal; but Trump picked a fight with Irans's leader criticizing the deal made in the Obama administration as being bad and not one he would ever have made before withdrawing from it without notifying our allies. Trump has also criticized the former Australian PM Turnbull's and President Obama's bill which they had drafted together. Trump agreed to support it, but later reneged on the deal by tweet because he thought it would embarrass him with his supporters. Trump has also insulted our neighbors to the North and South, Canada and Mexico respectively. He called Justin Trudeau "two faced"; and from the time he came down the escalator and negatively labeled Mexicans as rapists and murderers, former President Fox and Nieto refused to do what Trump wanted, i.e. pay for the wall. Their relationships were strained. Donald Trump hasn't followed his wife's wish for him to "be presedential" or in accordance with her platform "be best". Instead, Trump has lived up to the stereotype of "the ugly American" which refers to American citizens who demonstrate loud, arrogant, demeaning, thoughtless, ignorant, and ethnocentric behavior mainly abroad, but also at home.