LGBT people had the right to marry, but they could still be fired from a job, if someone discovered their sexual orientation. However, they should have the same rights as anyone else. There are still people who believe that being LGBT is a choice. With such beliefs have come rejection, judgment, and suffering to LGBT people who may end up losing their family, friends, and acceptance in some church bodies. All people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. are human beings and deserve equal rights under the law. With today's SCOTUS ruling, I felt some hope and optimism briefly because of the 6 to 3 vote, and I also felt like doing a little happy dance because it wasn't what I expected. With the dirty politics of Mitch McConnell not even allowing Merritt Garland, President Obama's choice, to be interviewed was disgraceful. McConnell, Trump, and all of the GOP senator sycophants want to push through only conservative judges whether they've been qualified or not. Honorable SC Judges Roberts and Gorsuch lived up to the title "Honorable" today by adhering to the entrance motto "equal justice for all". Despite DJT's references "to my (fill in the blank) generals, judges", etc., today's ruling also showed that the Judges followed their oath of office and the law and are apolitical.

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