We Hold These Truths
actually in one sense I should have voted differently on here. IF tech companies are going to edit content, then yes they can and should be held liable for the content IF it's illegal content. HOWEVER, IF tech companies go back to what they said they were, merely platform providers, THEN THEY HAVE NO RIGHT to edit and therefore should NOT be held liable for content. President Trump's executive order was very much needed considering the ABUSES by tech companies of their status as platforms, OVERSTEPPING THEIR AUTHORITY AS SUCH AND CENSORING/EDITING CONTENT. President Trump's reasons for the executive order may or may not have been selfish. BUT EITHER WAY, THE FACT REMAINS THAT IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. NOW, IF a government body decides to dictate content that is otherwise legal through laws/regulations intended to censor or to promote or discredit a particular point of view, such laws/regulations would be unconstitutional and should be treated as such, whether aimed at content creators/uploaders, platforms or anyone else involved!

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