We Hold These Truths
Why can’t we have both? Both the native peoples in our country and Columbus have impacted and are part of the tapestry that makes a multicultural nation. No reason to change out one for the other. I think the symbols via statues and the like should be the items people wrongly revere like confederate flags and cult worship artifacts are the things that need to be abolished. More importantly we need to change the mindset of Americans starting with this presidency and it’s total administration and some in congress. We must use our votes. So, let’s focus on the correct path to overcoming racism and inequality. Let’s address the harm done to Native Americans by supporting their right to vote and campaign against the current poorly structured voting system. Remember it was Alexander Hamilton who forced the electoral college because he didn’t think the rest of America was smart enough to pick a leader for themselves. We don’t seem to be doing anything about that and we should be. It is far more important to use our intelligence to over come these inequalities than to focus on outward extractions. Remember the Obama’s said take the high ground and rise above the fray.