We Hold These Truths
Leave the statures of Christopher Columbus alone not removed nor destroyed across our country. Remainder that I am the Second-Generation Italian-American citizen who is Sephardic Jewish in my strong Italian ancestry on longer lineage. Italian-American Heritage Month is: October to honor the successful, well-known and famous Italian-Americans with enriching lives in our US History in truth in our reality. For years I continue researching on the biography and facts of Christopher Columbus in my fact-finding searches. I finally made discoveries: 1) Christopher Columbus didn’t own theindigenous people as slaves nor having plantations in the New World., 2) Christopher Columbus had punished his own crews for committing crimes against indigenous peoples in fact., 3) 2 Spanish soldiers falsely accused Christopher Columbus and his brothers for failing to golds in the New World, then they were arrested to be put in the prison being chained., 4) At last, Christopher Columbus was chained to be sent back to the New World until he died being penniless and in his poor health. Aftermath the Spanish explorers and more white European explorers continued to destroy the Mayan-Aztec civilizations in Central & South America by murdering innocent indigenous natives in different indigenous tribes and committing raids to grab more golds and more awful dreadful diseases among indigenous people in serious situations in the New World after Christopher Columbus made his 4 trips to the New World before. A few years ago, I have learned more facts from the well-known Italian-American Attroney-in-Law who was the member of NIAF(National Italian-American Foundation). Well I know about the history of Indigenous People in our America (North America, Central America, and South America) in truth, too. I suggest that Columbus Day-Indigenous Day should be established as the holiday in diversity in October. Strongly I recommend that Columbus Day should not be abolished or our Italian-American communities across our country would become very upset if Columbus Day were abolished as I have cautioned to you in my concerns. Regards, Christa D’Auria