This requirement hurts Christians, let alone those who do not follow the teachings. Christians are often encouraged to make the right choice by God Himself. For instance, recall Eden in Genesis: God did not build a fence around the forbidden tree. Nor did He chain them to a legal tree. In other words, he did not remove their ability to choose. There are negative consequences for bad choices, but God still offers the choice. Now, I recognize that this school requirement is "just" a display of words, not a direct command. However, the implied purpose of this display is to promote the one religion and subtly teach children that you *should* trust God. And also to teach that NOT trusting him would be wrong. This is the same method used to help teach children rules like with the sign "we share with others." This, while subtle, still instills the essence of a command. Here's the problem, children won't learn to trust in God, they'll learn that they are obligated to "say" they trust in God to please their teachers. That's not trust, that's a survival tactic. Those who are in survival mode are less inclined to actually trust. Thus pushing more away from God. As an analogy, think of our beloved pet dogs. Which dog do you respect more: the unleashed dog that comes when called or the one that comes only because their owner is tugging in on their leash? Generally, people are more impressed with the latter. And so it is with children. God made atheists. To Christians, these are bad dogs, sinners, or children who don't yet trust. Don't pull on their leash. If you're Christian, focus your energy on loving those who found God willingly. Let children have the choice to make the wrong decision. And let God do the judging. To try manipulating people to make decisions (even when you think it's for a good cause) is akin to telling God He is not good enough to do His own job. It's akin to putting a leash on our children and dragging them where we want. Then from the non-Christian perspective, this is wrong because it is non inclusive of other religions. Should we also include "Allah Akbar" on the walls as well? Or "In the Coven we trust"? Regardless of how innocent the notion may seem, not everyone will see your religion as correct and just. That and religion and state should be separate per the Constitution. And schools are state run.

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