We Hold These Truths
This is nonsense. Columbus wasn't the first European to "discover" the North American Continent; Leif Erikson was. It so happens that my "indigenous" ancestors met with the "Vinland" Vikings, and allied with them -- against our traditional enemies, the Iroquois. The truth is, long before any "white" men showed up, we "indigenous peoples" were quite capable of killing, enslaving, and oppressing each other -- and we did, quite often. Even after "white" men moved in and started stealing land, the various tribes just couldn't give up their traditional hatreds of each other to unite against the common enemy -- who, by the way, was more often Mexican/Spanish than Anglo, or Italian. Quit blaming Columbus; the turn of the 16th century was the age of exploration, and if Columbus hadn't been first, somebody else would have. Maybe the Scandinavians would have reconsidered Lucky Leif's history, and our Founding Fathers would have spoken Norse. So enough of this toppling-statues stupidity and trying to rewrite history. Live with it.