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One always has HOPE for the future, and MAYBE Afghanistan can achieve peace. But my feeling is that without US support, it may be futile against the Taliban, unless the original numbers of troops are present for their own self protection and for the people of this country. One can only imagine what the abandonment of Afghanistan will do to these people, made up like any other nation in our world, of the elderly, parents and children, who are trying to get an education and better their future, and those struck by the Covid-19. We have been involved in this never ending war, being defenders for 20 years and with terrible, horrific losses. If we leave, these people will be taken over and/or slaughtered as a message to the US. If we stay in the name of Humanitarian Aid & Protection, we need more troops to inhibit the Taliban and show our power. This decision needs careful reflection and commitment. It is not an easy answer and it would not be an easy exit without great risk to our troops. Is it worth saving these people? Of course it is! But at what sacrifice . . . and can we live it.