We Hold These Truths
I was taught in grade school in Alexandria VA that Robert E Lee was a great man and the greatest general this country ever had. That was in the 50s. Much later I wondered why that was true since he lost the war. To my shame I never did more than wonder. Now I wonder why anyone objects to taking down memorials to tratiors and racists. There seems to me to be a very big difference between someone like Jefferson who was part of an era and wasn't perfect at all, but who made important contributions to what is great in the United States. He made mistakes in a different time period which is nothing like the willful evil of people like Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee who made no contributions to the United States. They wanted to tear it apart in order to maintain a way of life that is abhorrent now and was so then. Taking down statues and memorials to the losers and traitors of the Civil War and changing names of military bases to celebrate those who brought real honor to the nation seems a no-brainer. It's time for the South and the white nationals to become 100% American.

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