We Hold These Truths
I agree that they need to be removed and put in museums and teach why they are removed and the misconducts they have done to our country and its people. We understand it is part of our history and we are not erasing history. It is a strong proof; it is a fact that we DO NOT want to celebrate those who committed crimes against our people or fought against our beloved country. Our friends who are of color are very intelligent; they do contribute into the beautiful macabre; the diversity in this country. It is woven respectively. We have to take a step forward into what we can do to improve to make things better for our country and to give respect and dignity for all of us from every background. I will say this bluntly that not all cops are bad, not all people of color are bad (I mean our friends who are black, brown and our Native Indians), not all whites are bad, I am just saying that not all type of race are bad. We just have to hold those who are accountable for the wrongdoing. The lawmakers should not punish people by throwing them in jail for a long time just for expressing their frustrations that they have toppled the monuments or anything that portrayed hate, and other aspects of the confederates or others for their misdeeds towards humanity. What I am trying to say is that people are expressing what they felt was wrong and showing that it needs to be fixed to where there is no more pain that has effected us all. We need to start doing is to set things right. Millions of us know what right and wrong is. No one should use the words that insults. It is very degrading and hurtful. I was treated bad by being called mentally retarded by others because I cant hear well. So to show that the scar is there. The scar that has continued for four hundred years for those who had suffered is way too long. We have to stop with the hate, stop with the insults, stop with the threats, stop with the attacks, and etc. We need to start recognizing that we all are a part of each other, to help each other and lastly is to respect each other. Just saying.