We Hold These Truths
Standing up in the middle of despair is the American way. in 1776, after years of tyranny and taxation, men and women stood up and formed a Nation that allowed for rights unheard of before in mankind. With those right, there was an unwritten statement of purpose for every American, an oath, to be responsible for the continuation of those rights and to be gatekeepers of "We the People". The time has come in our Nation's life that we take up that responsibility for the children of today and tomorrow. We are the many that stand as one against the domestic enemy of division and disrespect for the United States of America. Like those who serve our nation on the battlefields, at sea, in the air, and in government, We are born into the oath of "...to protect from foreign and domestic enemies..." We can no longer be silent waiting for wrong to wake-up. We are called to Stand, now.

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