We Hold These Truths
I say leave them as the Redskins. If you Chang their name then you would have to go through changing the names of all major leagues, minor leagues, and little league teams names because they refer to Native American names. I think that is something to be proud of. This country did a great disservice the way the Native Americans have been treated. Black people have had it better than they have yet they are still a proud people who have that right. It’s time “we the people” stand up to the blacks, whites, browns yellow skinned people and keep our pride and stand up for what is right Nd if you don’t know what’s right then turn to the only One who has ALL the answers. God and His Holy Word. God created every color at the Tower of Babel when the people tried to build a tower to heaven. As we know now it isn’t possible to build a tower to heaven. God thought it’s was a waste of their time so he gave them all a different language so those of the same language grouped together and traveled to different parts of the countries to establish their own kind. If God wanted us to all be the same He would have made us that way but He didn’t he gave us all free will. We can choose to trust Him and His Son as our Savior then we are a peculiar people, chosen be God just as the Jews are His chosen people And we are to protect them and help them and love them. Please don’t change because a very few are the ones who want to change the name.