We Hold These Truths
The Post Office is an essential part of American infrastructure. There are parts of this country that do not receive service from any organization other than the Post Office. Hundreds of thousands of citizens receive their prescriptions through the Post Office. It employs hundreds of thousands of citizens in good paying jobs with good benefits. The fact that the Post Office is required to serve everyone everywhere imposes costs on it that commercial operations don't have. In addition, Congress compelled the Post Office to fund pensions at a rate no one else is required to, putting it in a further financial bind. In other words, any difficulties the Post Office has are the result of conditions imposed on it by law. The Post Office is a semi governmental agency enshrined in the Constitution. While it is required to behave like a business, in reality, by law, it is not allowed the freedom to adapt and eliminate unprofitable business as any other business would be allowed. Indeed, recent legislation seems intended to kill the Post Office. As we deal with the pandemic, with many people wanting to vote by mail for safety, we MUST ensure that the Post Office is fully funded and operational for the benefit of the American people.

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