We Hold These Truths
This is beyond "overreach". This is a violation of states' and citizens' Constitutional rights on several levels. Americans have a right to protest. The fact that a small number of provocateurs commit crimes is no reason to deny peaceful protestors their rights. The unsubstantiated claim that most of the protestors are "ANTIFA terrorists" is ludicrous. If anything, I suspect the violence is perpetrated by right wing as well as left wing actors. Further, having federal troops invade a city without State and City request is a serious violation of the federalist system established by our founders which divides power between federal and state governments. Local policing is entirely the responsibility of State and local government and if they feel overwhelmed they have the option of calling up the State's National Guard units. (Whatever happened to republican's support of "States' Rights" ?) While the federal government has the right to protect federal buildings, having unidentified camouflage clad federal troops seizing citizens off the streets without probable cause is so far over the line that it is conduct acceptable only in totalitarian states such as Russia and China. It is also clear now that this is not a policy which Trump will restrict to Portland. Trump has already proclaimed his intent to send troops to a number of other cities and has mostly dropped the claim that it is about federal buildings. This is nothing short of a complete abandonment of our Constitution in favor of a fascist takeover. All this is taking place a mere 3 months before a national election in which Trump seems likely to lose. Will Trump use these troops to suppress voting in areas that support him? (For example, Democratic cities like Portland and majority black cities like Chicago?) Trump has been suggesting he might not accept the results of the election. Americans need to open their eyes to what is happening because this is the greatest threat to American democracy in our history. All those who claim to be "patriots" need to stand up to end this right now.

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