We Hold These Truths
I Love all the comments so far, they are al well thought out. Free speech is the most important right that we hold, even if you do not like what you are hearing. Today, it is too easy to offend someone and be sanctioned in some fashion. When is it okay for me to be offended that you're offend? Past historical figures are our forefathers, like it or not. The Southern separatists are mentioned as being "traitors". Is that not who built/stole this nation from the First Nations who were already here? Traitors of the crown? We cannot take today's standards of decency, ethics, morals and values and force them upon the decisions made by people who lived 200, 150, or even 50 years ago. Public opinion, laws and acceptable standards change. They acted within the framework of the society that they new, no matter what we think of that now. How will we be judged in 100 years? Writing history has always been from the view of the winner. We have evolved to look at things from many sides. Why would we attempt to erase history? What positive contributions have the people behind the names and statues done that does not warrant being erased from history? This is simply nothing more than Mob Mentality, Governmental Overreacting, Knee Jerk Reactions and a very bad idea. Not that after some educated thought and discussion some of these men, yes, they are all men, should be removed from a pedestal, but at what point is it okay for me to be offended that you are offended?