We Hold These Truths
The significance of this visit should not be ignored by any German citizen man woman and child! The horrific events marking this site in history speaks of the terrible deaths of millions of human beings whose voices and cries can be imagined from the graves of the persecuted in the concentration camps from Auschwitz! A National shame that should be shared by all as a reminder of a darkness that need not EVER be forgotten or repeated! Remember also the ingredients that created this horror cake was HATE, it's primary ingredient! When that is the fuel that feeds a demented mind the results can be catastrophic as illustrated here so long ago! An ingredient that still rears it's ugly head today as some violent groups of fringe radicals stir the embers with acts perpetrated as if enough shame already has not been brought to the decent German people living today! In order to truly change one's future it must start in the mindset! One must embrace that every human who walks the planet is part of GOD'S divine creation! A grand celestial experiment on the Universe that has allowed beings of unique design and abilities to exist on THIS world! A planet designed specifically for us to coexist and populate! To act as stewards to protect our environment as well as our right to be here to lay the foundation for future generations to survive and prosper to the end of time! Be NOT a human whose existence is contrary to the good of us all! For THAT is the way of the Antichrist and leads only to continuing suffering and damnation for humanity! Let us learn from the mistakes of others before us!