It’s so disappointing in so many levels out commandeer in chief is a coward playing golf while I’m a single mom, of 4 dark skinned Hispanic girls felling as if I don’t matter, my daughters don’t matter. My daughters fear to go to school not only because of the pandemic that’s going on but because they feel as the president is racist, has no respect for females, hates Hispanics and the rest of his followers believe it’s ok to do the same, what type of example is he for our children. He has shown he’s just heartless when it comes to the pandemic we are facing here in fl & while he out playing golf, we are all left in the weeds to figure out how to survive by putting food on the table, bills that do not stop, no assistance from them at all & it’s my fault I was furloughed back in March? He blames everyone but himself and it needs to come to an end!!!