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The Corporations of the Military Industrial Complex are Using "Electromagnetic Weapons" Technology to Torture and Murder Millions of American Citizens to Collect and Sell "Human DATA" to the Military, and Technology Companies. I have been a Victim for over 20 Years. The United Nations Human Rights Council calls this "Cyber-Torture. Nils Melzer gave a Report on this to the United Nations Human Rights Council on 2/28/2020. Below I have Posted an Article Containing this Report and other Articles on "CyberTorture" and the Misuse of "Electromagnetic Weapons" Technology on American Citizens, and Citizens of the World by the Corporations, and Military. I also Included My Webpage and Video Containing My Testimony to the International Tribunal of Natural Justice, Rewritten by Author Jennifer Hurta, and My Video of My Testimony to The Human Rights Global Coalition. As you will see in these Testimonies I have Substantial Conclusive "Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt" Evidence from Professionals I have Hired for my Case before the International Courts, and Federal Courts. Professional Evidence Reports from Scientists, Toxicologists DATA Companies, Medical Personnel, Private Investigators, etc... I am From a Military Family and I Have a High Respect for our Military Personnel. My Father Served in World War 2, My Uncles served in Korea, and My Brother Served in Vietnam, and was A Contractor in The Iraq War. I have Written to all Federal Government Intelligence Agencies, Law Enforcement, my Senators, Congressman, The White House, and Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur to the United Nations Human Rights Council to no Avail. I have Sent my Evidence to Everyone. No one seems to Care that our Taxpayer Dollars are being used for the "CyberTorture", and "CyberMurder" of the Very Americans Paying these Taxes. Thank You Senator McCain and Everyone at the McCain Institute for International Leadership for Fighting for the Human Rights for all Citizens Worldwide. God Bless all of you and Your Families. Sincerely, Samuel Ludwick