If you listen to Trump, then you'll know that he has repeatedly said that Republicans will never win another election, if people are allowed to vote by mail. He claims his appointment of Louis DeJoy to head the USPS was to improve its function. That hasn't happened because mail delivery has slowed down since he appointed DeJoy who's never had any experience in the USPS, but he did contribute $1.5 million to DJT's campaign, inaugural, etc. funds. Apparently, like Gordon Sondland who contributed $1 million to DJT's inaugural fund which got him an ambassadorship to the Ukraine, it not only takes "an oath of loyalty to DJT", but also money to get an appointment without any prior experience. Hmm, this sounds somewhat familiar; DJT used to accuse the Clintons of "pay-for-play" contributions to their Foundation which he said bought people a stay in the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House. DJT frequently accuses other people of behavior which he himself is guilty of doing. What he's doing with the USPS needs to be brought to a fast, screeching halt. It's another way of suppressing votes which is un-american, unfair, and fear-based behavior.