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Absolutely!!! Congress needs to Regulate all Electromagnetic Technologies, as well as Bio-nanotechnology being used as trancievers/recievers for Surveillance, Cybertorture, and Cybermurder by Corporations, Military, and Rogue Government Agencies. Please Regulate these Technologies as my Life Depends on it. It is being Investigated by the United Nations Human Rights Council Now by Nils Melzer, professor of international law at the University of Glasgow and the UN’s special rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment. He gave his report to the United Nations Human Rights Council on February 28th, 2020 on "CyberTorture" which is both Psychological and Physical Torture. This Technology is also "Cybermurder" as it destroys your Immune system, causes Brain Damage, Nervous system damage, etc.. If not, the United States Looks like Hypocrites to the Rest of the World Speaking Harshly Against other Nations for Human Rights Violations While it is Allowing its own Citizens to be Tortured, and Murdered by its own Corporations, Universities, Military, and Rogue Government Agencies. If Something is not Done our Enemies will use this against us and Call us the Worst Human Rights Violaters on the Planet, and set out to "DESTROY" the United States of America. I am a Victim of Illegal Implantation of Bio-Nanotechnology being Operated by A "Kernel" Operating System for the Purpose of Human DATA Trafficking, Illegal Research & Experimentation on "Mind Control", and Pre-Meditated Cyber-Torture and Cyber-Murder to Destroy any Witness / Evidence. I have Hired Professional Scientists, Private Investigators, Yoxicologists, Data Companies, Legal, and Medical Personal to Obtain Substantial Conclusive, Indisputable Evidence "Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt" to take Them to Federal Criminal, FISA, and Civil Courts. I have Already Filed an International Case with the International Tribunal for Natural Justice and Mandamus Action with the Attorney General for a Grand Jury Investigation. I have Filed FOIA Requests, and Complaints with all of my Evidence of this to the DHS - 4 Departments, the Secret Service, DARPA - The Pentagon, the FCC Enforcement Bureau, FTIA Dept. of Commerce, the FTA Federal Trade Commission, and the NSA. I have Case Numbers for all Federal Intelligence and Law Enforcement. I also Filed FOIA Requests to All Defendants Listed in my Case. I have Filed with The United Nations Human Rights Council - Nils Melzer Special Rapporteur on Torture - Mr. Melzer presented his speech to the United Nations Human Rights Council February 28th, 2020 on the subject of "Psychological Torture", and more specifically in regards to us, something he called 'cybertorture' which includes the use of "neurotechnologies." The Federal Government Refuses to take Action on These Terrorist Crimes of Human Trafficking, Treason, Torture, and Murder. There are Millions of us in the United States and Around the World. See my Webpage, and LinkedIn Profiles for Additional Information. Corporations and Universities Involved According to Professional Radio Frequency Scans, FCC License Searches, Toxicology Tests for Bio-Nanotechnology, (Transceivers/Receivers), ARA Report: Chemical Tag - Rugulosin (23537-16-8) - (IBM Cloud) , TDA Tests, MRI's, MRA's, Private Investigation Firms. The Corporations have an Illegal Investment Mutual Fund, CUSIP Account in my Name, and Frequency (4827.448 Mhz) From the "Kernel" Operating System Illegally Implanted in me Worth $227,293,000.00. Perpetrators of these "Horrendous Crimes of "Cyber-Torture" & Cyber-Murder" Against Samuel Ludwick: KERNEL Operating Signal 4827.448 MHZ– Under Frequency 1400 Mhz / ARM Linux - Frequencies and Toxicology Tests ARA Reports and TDA Reports Revealed: Wright State University (Developer), IBM Cloud (Research / Experimentation Contractor), Northrup-Grumen/NEC (License Holder). 6G -38.05 MHZ– No Hit FCC Frequency Search WND218 - Spectrum Holding Inc. – Real Party in Interest: Allegro Capital Investors Sprint, Nextel - W/ Tulane University of Louisiana, WND207 – Nicholls State University WFD423 – Indiana (Ball State) University WHR854 – California State University WNC980 – Independent Spectrum Sarasota, LLC WNC908 – Colorado State University WFD423 – Ball State University WND242 – Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital WHR624 – University of Utah Frequencies can be Traced, Recorded, and DATA Revealed: IBM cloud B.C.I. - "Kernel" Operating System 4827.448 Mhz / ARM Linux 1400 Mhz - Pray that this Technology is Regulated by Congress, and the Federal Courts. Thank You, and God Bless all of you.