With so many States that have not taken non-registered voters due to moving to new places of are deceased,etc. I am concerned that there is a possibility not o it for potential fraud. Further, even during the WW1 pandemic voters turned out to vote. We can take realistic precautions to protect voters flying the current pandemic. In addition, should there be laws for states that accept the idea of mailing ballots to everybody without the absentee ballot verification process and signatures there could be a major delay in matching names to registration lists possibly even using ballot names of those who have not been removed from registration lists. None of these, or at least a few such events in some states, could create a disastrous legal and time delay of limiting fair elections even once the terms of office limit has resulted. I sincerely hope none of this happrnd, but there have been such incidents in the past, and quite frankly that would be the worst possible outcome for our country. That's why I voted " Maybe. "