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Introducing the Diplomacy Caucus
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  • SamuelLudwick

    Question: Do you feel that America’s public servants are being protected enough by Congress, or is the creation of this caucus a necessity? ---Comment: Our Diplomats are Not being Protected as Evidenced in the "Electromagnetic Weapons" Attacks on our Diplomats in China, and Cuba. --Millions of Innocent Law Abiding Americas Citizens Go through "Electromagnetic Weapons" Attacks Daily, some for over 30 Years. ---Articles Posted Below on How the Government is "Not Protecting" our Diplomats Abroad, or Law Abiding American Citizens at Home. ---"Cyber Torture" which is "Physical" and "Psychological " Torture was Reported by Nils Melzer, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture to the United Nations Human Rights Council on February 28th, 2020. ---Special Rapporteur Melzer has been deluged with reports from NGOs, US citizens and others claiming that the US government has put them into weapons testing programs without their consent. The reports submitted revolve around “no touch torture” claims involving deployment of electronic and chemical weapons. This is "CyberTorture" and "CyberMurder" basically "Genocide" Worse than Nazi Germany. ---I have Sent Mr. Melzer all of my Evidence of this which I have Obtained From Hired Professionals: Scientists, Toxicologists, DATA Companies, Private Investigators, and Medical Professionals. See my Profile on "WE HOLD THE TRUTHS" for Full Report, as well as Links to My Testimonies To the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, the Human Rights Global Coalition, and Links to Organizations with Substantial Evidence from Professionals, and Whistle Blowers which Worked for the Government. ---This Nation was Created as A "Nation Under God" as Outlined in the "Declaration of Independence", and Eluded to in the "Constitution of the United States of America". The Present "LawMakers" have Completely Forgotten this by Voting for and Allowing The Military Industrial Complex, The Military, Corporations, and Government Agencies to Continuously Attack Americans (Gods Children) with "CyberTorture" and CyberMurder", Ignoring Pleas for Help by its Constituents. ---God will not Hold The "Perpetrators" "Innocent" Committing these "Horrendous Terrorist" Acts on our Diplomats and American Citizens, or the Government Politicians which Voted for These Programs, and Continue to Turn their Head while it is Happening due To the Corporations Contributing Substantial Amounts of Finances into their Campaign Funds. They Are "Torturing", and "Mudering" American Citizens to Obtain an Enormous Amount of Wealth. ---God Bless all of our Diplomats Risking their Lives overseas for The Citizens of the United States of America. --- I Pray for Protection, and Blessings for them, and All American Citizens who are "Victims" of these Programs, and for all Government Officials Helping us to Fight this "WAR" Against the Deep State / Shadow Government, and the Military Industrial Complex, the "Corporate Government" ---God Bless the "Constitutional Government - "We the People" - "For the People" - By the People". ---ARTICLES ON THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENTS RESPONSE TO AMERICAN DIPLOMATS, AND THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES