With 60% of mammals on earth livestock we are slaughtering to cause climate chaos ( 51% according to Worldwatch Institute ), causing deforestation and burning of the Amazon, warming our oceans predicted to warm 7 - 11 times faster in the coming 50 years, with 36% of mammals on earth humans doing this damage, and only FOUR % all the WILD mammals left on earth, expect more pandemics if we do not save the web of life that supports all of us. Even the VATICAN met in February, 2017, to pronounce biodiversity extinction a co-equal THREAT TO HUMAN SURVIVAL ON EARTH with climate destruction - a million species - half of the identified species on earth going extinct NOW. We cannot remain the slaughterhouse/hunting/trapping horror species. We must become a good steward not just of land, air and water ( which we are NOT ) but also of OTHER SPECIES NOW!

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