Although President Trump has damaged beliefs about democracy in the minds of his supporters (sadly and shamefully so), I see the 2020 election as a radical affirmation of democracy. Over 80 million voters! When was the last time we had that kind of turnout? Ever? It was a terrific experiment in mass-voting by mail, with trendous response on the part of the electorate. This should ALWAYS be an option promoted in future elections. Turnout is person was also significant...a true testament to people's valuing of the right to vote and willingness to endure the dangers of a global pandemic and the burden of hours-long lines. Democracy was strengthened even more as we all watched the heroic efforts of poll-workers to count, and re-count, and re-count again the ballots cast -- keeping votes that needed to be segregated properly maintained and working under incredibly tiring conditions to count every vote. I could go on, but these are some of the significant reasons why I believe the 2020 election ultimately and resoundingly have upheld democracy.