President Trump won re-election . The votes for Trump were honest votes. Biden's votes were from the malfeasance of the Democrats . Most of the comments against Trump here refer to his speaking style . Not a single one complained about Trump's success on any issue . Not a single one even admitted to Trump's successes . It's always : he's crazy, he's evil , etc. Nothing specific. Always general. And always sounding like whining . They're angry with Trump but don't actually know why. Perhaps they are not aware of just how brain washed they are. BTW , they never admit that the MSM only tells them one side of the story. And that's because they are not aware that they get only one side of the story . I think the Democrat party has acted like an organized crime family in this election. I think the Democrat party is in violation of the RICO act. I'm not saying this hatefully, i'm referring to things like finding ballots days AFTER the election, changing the rules of conduct of the election practically within hours of the election , sending completed unsolicited mail-in ballots from Long Island to Harrisburg , and many many more infractions. So, i think the Democrats are not democratic . I believe that the Democrats , if given the chance , would destroy America. With Democrats in power , the vote stealing will get worse , much worse . I'm afraid that democracy is over or may be in great jeopardy . Mr. Biden is owned by China. China didn't Hunter $153 , 000 ,000, 000 out of the goodness of their hearts. If you believe China gave Hunter the money out of the goodness of their hearts , then you are insane . If the Democrats succeed in stealing the election, I'm afraid that we will be in great jeopardy .