First, Trump was impeached while in office for actions he took while in office. Therefore, this impeachment trial is legitimate and necessary to consider all the potential penalties set forth by the Constitution. The Constitution did not intend the President to be free of the risk of impeachment during the last months of his term simply because the trial could not be completed in a timely manner. The risk of abuse of power is greatest during the last days of a Presidency and therefore the penalty of impeachment must be available for all actions taken during the President's term. Second, free speech has never protected speech intended to incite violence which is what Trump is accused of. Third, everything Trump said and did leading up to January 6, was intended to overturn a legitimate election. Once the Courts had ruled and the Electoral College voted, Trump had no legitimate and legal path under the Constitution to overturn the election other than to attempt to prevent Congress from affirming the succession of power as the Constitution requires. That Trump intended what followed his speech on Jan 6, is proven by the fact that he made no effort to call off his supporters or to rush troops to protect the Capitol. By all accounts, he was delighted by what he saw on TV. And when, after many hours and under pressure, he finally did call off his supporters, (who promptly obeyed him) he praised them and told them he loved them. President Trump's Oath of Office required him to see that the laws be faithfully executed. The highest law in the land is the Constitution. Trump attempted to prevent Congress from fulfilling its Constitutional duty. He is guilty of inciting an insurrection in order to retain power. There is nothing the founding fathers feared more than such an attempt and there is no sin more worthy of impeachment. The Senate should judge him GUILTY.

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