I believe the Democrats want to impeach former president Trump in order to prevent Mr. Trump from running for the Presidency in 2024 . I also believe the Democrats also believe that in the event the election results are corrected and it is found that Mr. Trump won re-election , they think that this phony impeachment could keep him from reclaiming the Office. And, during the Electoral Collage certification , Senators and Representatives were seeking , not to overturn the election , but to RESTORE the election results where Mr. Trump on Nov. 3 , 2020 at the close of polls and also at midnight ( 23 : 59 : 59) , Trump won ! Trump won the election on Election Day . It was on the days after Election Day that the Democrats snuck in illegal, improper, unqualified , and totally phony ballots to change the legal re-election of Mr. Trump to an illegal loss . I also believe that the rally President Trump held in DC on Jan. 6 , 2021 was not related to the attack on the capital. That attack was planned and carried out by persons camouflaged as Trump supporters but who were waring helmets , carrying bats , and acting destructively by breaking into that Capital. Those persons , i suspect , were Antifa and/or BLM . In all of Trump's rallies , there were NO supporters waring helmets, carrying bats , or being anti-social at all . I believe those helmeted "protesters" were actually the two anti-social groups were acting as 'judas goats' . Where they mis-led some highly spirited Trump supporters in a successful effort to make it look like Trump supporters were attacking the capital.