We Hold These Truths
WHO had been sending out confusing and mixed information about the pandemic and precaution measures for more than two months since the official announcement of the Wuhan outbreak by the Mainland Chinese (PRC) authorities. Its officials have not really given us a complete list of clear directives on what we should do at home and when going out. WHO should focus on their job and maintain a safe distance from both China and Taiwan. As for Mainland China and Taiwan, both their governments should be criticized for not condemning their respective far-right radicals. Far-right movements have been proven to be able to threaten the core principles of democracy and human rights. Both the Chinese and Taiwanese governments need to understand that they have to take actions against their own far-right radicals and make it a law to penalize their detrimental acts, otherwise these radicals will push ultranationalism to the agenda and drag every of their citizens to the brink of war.