We Hold These Truths
We need to learn our mission on Earth is to ensure the survival of humanity. We have to care for our planet as a whole and take action against anything that threatens our survival as a species like Global Warming. We Need Cleaner Air! This is accomplished through innovation and full legalization of Marijuana which as a plant can convert carbon deoxide to Oxygen as well as provide physicians with the medical means to prevent the opioid crisis from staining our world with the deaths of so many of our loved ones. Currently the catalytic converter on fuel burning vehicles takes up to twenty minutes to gain a sufficient temperature from the engine's emissions to convert Carbon Monoxide, which is very harmful to our atmosphere, to Carbon Deoxide. By providing an after-market universal belt as well as an OEM catalytic converter with heat as soon as the engine is engaged through an outside power source such as the 12V DC batter we will then have the ability to eliminate the pollution (smog) seen over every metropolitan area on this planet. This is as simple as adding a thin wire of Nic-chrome into the converter which is the same way we provide heat from a heating element. Most Heating Element = Porcelain + Rhodium + Nic-chrome wire Catalytic converter = Rhodium + Platinum and provided a thin Nic-chrome wire thus will provide heat as well. (C.C.H.U) Catalytic Converter Heating Unit This is my mission! The gift is the message because we are all Blessed -Matthew D. Bennett

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