We Hold These Truths
Humans lives are much more important and priceless than other income one can earn. There is that old phrase, " You can't take it with you for a reason! " However, our souls and the lives of our elders and loved ones are invaluable. Just yesterday during and after these ridiculous protests a 5 year old healthy little girl died of Covid 19. She died because her parents are out there everyday fighting for YOUR lives! These disease has no limits and does not discriminate. It is disrespectful to all the health care workers, first responders and those who have lost loved ones to stand out there with your mega hats, what used to be all Americans flag ( but seems to be a symbol of the cult of Trump ) , the economy is not going to dodge back because a few hundred protestors insult the intelligence of the medical community and their neighbors. It is thoughtless. We are already where we are in the changes in the economy so staying in your house and social distancing to save lives in your community should be as easy as making apple pie! Listen to medicine and listen to science!!!! We would not be here today or our parents or children if not for those devoted to science over the past generations. They have keep humanity alive. Have faith and trust in the science and medicine and those who work in the field who CARE what happens to their own families and to yours. Certainly, do not put your faith and confidence in a President that lies every day, nothing he says is credible or trustworthy. I have no real political affiliation. Just blessed with the common sense my ancestors gave me.