We Hold These Truths
If you look at the people that are protesting the majority are not wearing masks. Just think how much sooner we could defeat this virus if they would wear masks and conform to the mandate to stay home and shelter. If they did we would probably have a ;ot less cases and fewer deaths. If we go back too soon our medical facilities could be over run and the number of medical personal depleted. Just think how much higher the death rate would be if we didn't have the best medical care in the worlds or if ti had to deal with more cases than it could handle. Use you heads and stay sheltered and wear masks in public! Pass a law that anyone not wearing a mask in public will be fined $100 1st offence , $250 2nd offence and $2000 + jail time for the 3rd offence, anyone out in public must pass a test for the virus and if they fail must stay home until clear. Test everyone!!!!