We Hold These Truths
It is happening all over the world, repression, its part of the agenda 21 campaign for complete control and integration of all systems leading to mark of the beast which you Philippines' are particularly vulnerable to because of widespread and cultural Catholicism. I believe in Jesus and I don't worship through idols, God doesn't like that, it diminishes His greatness and is against the commandments. Concerning the cruise ship problem it was more caused by the frequency of five Gee system developed and set up called Medallion.net which the Regal Princess line of cruise ships installed for FaceTime and internet use while at sea, its just under the frequency of a SAS weapon. I suggest you see a video by Dana Ashlie called masks vs.6oGhtz on a site called Patreon.org. This frequency kills bees and is really harmful to birds and trees. Humans can be targeted by the directed beam and cause heart failure and other nonspecific health reaction, but the main problem is what happened in Wuhan after they turned on five gee in the whole city. People started dying in the streets not necessarily from covid19 but lack of oxygen because what this frequency does is make the electron in oxygen molecule spin and that makes it unavailable for haemoglobin to pick up. Pretty soon lack of oxygen causes fainting and heart failure. It's a weapon and our addiction to phones and games particularly has given evil forces and perfect opportunity to be rid of you, they have robots to take over now. Please pray for all those feeling oppressed and dispossessed as the Kingdom of God is about to appear and Satan will react. Call on the Holy Spirit to enlighten you and move away from rituals and show, practice peacefulness and tolerance but get your facts straight. Do you actually have a constitution?

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