It has been a long time since there was any kind of freedom of the press, if there ever really was. I still recall during the Movements of the 1960's and 1970's how the press miniumized march turnouts. They also misreported many of the notable trials which were little more than kanagaroo coursts, obvious to those who attended in person--we had no internet videos to watch after the fact. MSM has always reflected a bias usually pro-corporate and conservative politically. Independent media has been much better but struggling to get the word out. Internet censorship has been increasing rapidly and that medium has become understood as the platform for major propaganda as govt/industry policies literally refuse to allow certain subjects to even be discussed. Journalists who have some backbone verify from within the institution what the rest of us can gather from without that the press sets boundaries and expects its writers to adhere. So no, we have very little freedom of the press or we would be reading about the abuse of Trump and the GOP, the fraud of this entire pandemic, vaccine fraud, medical fraud which is allowing people to die, Gates' agenda to use vaccines for depopulation (yes, it sounds nuts but vaccines can be laced with all kinds of things like HCG causing miscarriages and infertility in African nations). The list goes on. The BBC won't air any positive information about Homeopathy, a legal profession in the UK and it stripped its files of all holistic information a few years back. I have not even gotten into the support of the press for Israeli Zionism, a settler-colonist venture always aimed at the removal of the Palestinians and the incredible abuse heaped on them by the State. Or how the press gives barely any words to the abuse of Native American rights and the imposition of toxic drilling and pipelines through their lands along with the ongoing intentional impoverishment of those people. But perhaps even most importantly is the complete lack of meaningful analysis of the neo-con goals promoted by both parties and their destruction of the Sanders campaign with lack of decent coverage of his popularity and the goals he sets that would impact all people, especially those workers in red States. So, no, freedom of the press is barely a working concept which is criminal in a presumed democratic state.

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