We Hold These Truths
I'm grateful for the people working with patients, first responders, people who are working in food stores, food banks, garbage collectors, etc. essentially all of the people working outside of their homes and families to help the rest of us. I'm also grateful to the people who are able to continue working from home to perform their jobs. Because of all of their efforts and the risks they take in performing their duties, I support them by staying in my house, wearing a mask, keeping the social distance when I have to go to the store, and using a list to reduce the time spent in the store. Trump and the people who pander to him aren't trustworthy. Trump does whatever is expedient and of benefit to him. He lacks leadership ability, lies and manipulates info regularly, is a poor, role model who doesn't lead by example, and seems to lack basic knowledge. The doctors, epidemiologists, virologists, and researchers should be the ones doing daily briefings that are fact-based, informative and with suggestions of what we need to do to reduce the spread of the virus. Politicians don't belong in the briefings, especially when they choose to disregard or undermine factual information. If we're going to get through the pandemic successfully, we each need to take responsibility