We Hold These Truths
I think if the Congress makes plans to vote remotely, it points greatly to having every registered voter in the United States be able to do the same come the general election in November. There is no logical reason to force the American people to chose violating the various "Stay at Home" directives from their respective states in order to cast their votes. To do so usurps our right to vote and makes a mockery of our electoral system. As for having Congress able to vote remotely hurting our democracy, I believe it might have an adverse effect on it but with the technology we have available to us, there is no way introductions of bills, debate, committee hearings and the like cannot be held via Zoom, Skype or even a federally operated system so our Senators and Representatives will be on the virtual floor of their respective chambers. Furthermore, to make the session of Congress available for online viewing by the general populace of our nation, would greatly enhance our abilities to see our government on action and enable us "...to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." I think also, such a move tor bring the workings of our government into the 21st Century to be long overdue.

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