We Hold These Truths
Even though I am skeptical about voting by mail because I think the ballots could easily be lost, purposely waylaid, damaged, etc., I have voted by mail in another State and it is convenient. I also feel that eliminating the polls and elections becoming totally by mail erases part of the understanding of our freedom as Americans to actually physically go to the polls and cast our ballots. It's a statement: I am an American. I value my right to cast my votes for those running for office. I am vetted, I have produced a valid ID card and found legally able to vote at this polling place at this time in history. Nobody handles this ballot who should not handle it, and it states my preferences for elected offices. I don't know... like so many other things, the whole solemn privilege of going to the polls, being recognized, and doing my civic duty, will be lost in this drive to make elections mail-in. It demeans who we are and why we do it.