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One Big Thing: Has corruption made international humanitarian assistance for COVID-19 less effective?
by We Hold These Truths
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  • Ellen
    Voted Yes

    Corruption is in my opinion the greatest destructive force on Earth. in short, nothing can function if crucial elements have gone missing due to the sleaze factor. Trump isn't just ignorant, he's venal, and willing to buy 4 more years of dominance with as many lives as it takes, because there's nothing inside there. The corrupt do not care about ANYTHING. Corruption MUST be punished at all levels, or all we will get in the US will be like the robber-baron times. We REALLY must stand up against that. Along with that element are the evils that buttress it, including hate--racism, sexism, xenophobia, and all the other hideous tools used to weaponize corruption assuring that the worst people on the planet get grotesquely more than their fair sharre. If the states can't come together on this, if foolish people are unwilling to put their antiquated aforementioned attitudes aside, then there is a distinct possibility that the US will not be so united, and that free people will congregate in certain states, while frightened, easily led people may wind up in others. This could be a recipe for national conflict. And most of it seems to ultimately boil down to corrupt people who appear to believe they deserve way more than everyone else ---ie, corruption. During the pandemic--stupid, corrupt "leadership" has resulted in lack of access to PPE for those needing it most, and lack of testing, not to mention forcing states to bid the p;rice higher than necessary, and resulting in more deaths than necessary. Thank you for your attention...