We Hold These Truths
First we have to look at what man already allowed to happen. The Native people never was given free rights. Even the Quakers were killed out. Now the constitution was taken in part from the Native people while they were outlawed from being a part of it. We do not have the right to speak our truth - you cannot speak about religion or race. So the only thing left is the weather. Now what bothers me the most the only thing most people have to go on is what some scientists say. Sadly no one talks about the real problems and the Gov will not talk about it either. I could start with all the places where you can find some truth. Most people never heard these words or they don't even know they are real. So find out what the HAARP SYSTEM is. Then find out what Geo-thermal really is and it's effects. Watch movies about what Chem-trails really are not com-trails. Then check out what C.E.R.N is. Lastly what Fracking really is doing. Then you will start to understand the real reason for global warming. Not cows or cups, how about giant fires and the effect on the ozone . Never mind testing bombs like they do here in Hawaii. The last time they started the Valcano back up. Get that far and you will start seeing what our problem really is. Oh lets not forget rockets blasting through the Ozone. The ocean is another story all together.