We Hold These Truths
I am unable to form a proper sentence that expresses how I feel about the actions from this week or the previous ones. When NFL athletes started taking a knee to bring awareness to police brutality, so many were in an uproar. They viewed that knee as a sign of disrespect to the country, military, etc. I want the world to show that same passion to address and fix the disgrace that brutality brings to this country shown towards any person. It is 2020 and minorities are still faced with modern day slavery! When children are born, they come into this world with no prejudice. Children play with children. Adults need to learn how to do the same. Thank you to the individuals outside of the black community for stepping ahead of the curve to ensure justice is served. Thank you to the men and women that proudly serve and protect! When will black parents be able to give their kids the same instruction as other races when in the presence of police. Now children are taught to video as evidence. Imagine a world where you are guilty while black until video proves otherwise! This is America! Murder is Murder! The world is watching!