We Hold These Truths
Americans want their police to be peace keepers, law enforcement, someone they can trust to be called on, when help is needed. That is what I grew up with, and what I want for others. Police departments do not seem to want many intelligent or educated candidates, rather non-rational, quick-tempered ones. The way you treat someone is mirrored in the way they will treat you. At one time we could be confident that we would be safe co-operating with police, but when women have been sexually abused on the street, or in the squad car with no consequences, and the deaths of suspects keep adding up with no consequences, while the blue line holds fast, faith in the system fades. There has been a turn towards arming and training police like a branch of the army, on home turf. This escalation has occurred, so far in some poor black and brown neighborhoods, but militia and far-right groups see this as a threat to them too as the Federal government could target them at some time. This game of one-upmanship is dangerous. The police are not the only ones in danger from weapons, as their usual excuse is they feared for their life. In this gun crazed society we all just blindly go through the motions of our daily lives never knowing when some open carry nut won't like the look on our face, tone of our voice, or music in our car. Human rights are fundamental in society and we must get back to the basics. Chock holds, and kneeling on a suspect must stop.

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