We Hold These Truths
I feel that police brutality is an infringement on human rights in the US. If one cant breathe or they are hurting, the officers need to listen to that regardless of what the person did. The man didn't deserve to die at all for he had a family, he had a life. No person should be targeted because of the color of the skin. We are all human beings. We are all upset that it had happened to him which it should never have happened. We want to give respect to the officers but officers need to do the same as well. Officers are human beings as well and they are civilian workers and they are supposed to serve and protect but when it steps over the line it seems that they hurt someone or even in death is just so wrong on all levels of humanity. I feel that the law enforcement want to be above the law and I believe that is wrong. My four questions are what happened to the moral values of the officers that they want to help the community and the people they arrest ? Why do they have to be so brutal towards civilian people ? Another thing is are the officers so stressed out and feel like they are being threaten ? But what about the civilian people that they arrest feel like they are being threaten as well ? I understand not all law enforcement are bad but it feels like it is getting out of hand for some of the law enforcement to do what they did. I always believe and still do that all civilian people have a right to speak how they feel. The looting and putting the buildings on fire is not the way to go though because the owners of the buildings have nothing to do with the incident. I understand that we have a right to speak and that is the democracy of our country. This country needs to be reunited and not be divided anymore. I understand that I feel the admin is not even helping because it continues to divide the country more and more everyday. Just saying in my foremost thoughts and opinion.

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